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We Want Your Stories

We love to hear the many stories that parents tell us about their child's visits. Observations and comments in the car, reactions to surprises like stickers or a special word from one of the doctors or nurses. Please let us know a story or experience that you would like to share with other parents about our practice.

I told Chrissy (I guess that’s who I spoke with yesterday—very cheerful and helpful) at your office how WONDERFUL it is to know when I call your office that, I not only will be warmly welcomed, but that you all will take care of me, which is exactly what happened yesterday! I let her know that but also wanted you to know that your front office is off the charts as far as customer service. I certainly get no such treatment from my PCP and his office help. I always feel relieved and almost pampered after hanging up the phone with your group. Please let them know that people do notice and it really does make a difference. I had a great day yesterday and I would venture to say that a lot of it had to do with the way my day started—which was with a phone call to you all about the care of my son, Kyle. Thank you! Now about the doctors that work there… no just kidding! You guys are great too, we ALREADY know that. And I don’t mean good, you are great, Phil!
"Our family loves Dr. Scott because he is so approachable. Whether it is getting down on H's level and talking to him in language and symptoms that make sense to a 4- year-old or sharing how his family has dealt with the same illness or behavior, he makes both moms and kids feel like they are not alone in their issues. Many physicians can make patients feel intimidated to ask questions, but Dr. Scott encourages it and connects with his patients parent-to-parent not just as their physician." JC (aka H & J's mom)
"It is really hard to put into words what someone has meant to your family when he has saved your son's life. I still remember the day that he came into the PCN and said "I think that I'm going to contact genetics." Before that point, the doctors hadn't mentioned anything about genetics.

So we could have gone home without ever testing for GSD and then things could have gotten ugly. So the following paragraphs don't even scrape the surface.

It's really hard to put into words what Dr. Scott has meant to our family. Having your first baby is scary, but when that experience is coupled with a rare disease, that fears compounds exponentially.

We are not sure how we would've been able to navigate the initial shock of R's hospital stay and diagnosis, the crazy cast of characters in white coats and the day-to-day adventure of maintaining his health since without the help of a pediatrician who has gone all in for the sake of our family.

He has given us hope in some of our darkest times.

It's rare to find people with such a mix of talent and character in any field, but we could sense that Dr. Scott was special from the first night we saw him speak. We knew right away that he was the right doctor for us, and have been thankful every day that out paths crossed when they did.

We are so thankful to have him on our "team"“- K, K&R

"We love taking our son JR to see Dr. Scott for a number of reasons, but the biggest thing that sticks out for me is his desire to treat the child as a whole -- and that means making sure the parents are doing o.k. too.

One incident that sticks out in my mind happened during one of JR's checkups when he was still quite tiny -- maybe two months old. Before Scott even began the physical examination, he sat down and asked how we were doing. I immediately responded with updates about JR and what I had questions about. Scott listened and filled me in on the information I needed to know as I expected. But then he said something that stuck with me (and got me a bit choked up, to be honest.)

'I also want to know how you're doing too. Are you taking care of yourself?'

It's so easy for new moms to get lost in the day-to-day of caring for their babies that they forget to kind of step back and check in with themselves. Having a pediatrician who encouraged me to do that meant the world." R, V & JR<

"Dr. Scott is always there for us when we need him. He also keeps us grounded when we worry about our boys. He is just awesome." S
"Dr. I is the best pediatrician EVER!! I love that he doesn't push antibiotics for every snotty nose or inflamed ear drum. He always makes you feel like you are doing a great job as a parent, no matter what dumb thing you may be bringing your kid in for :)" - K
"One of the reasons I love him so much is that he trusts and knows that I know my children more than anyone else. He trusts that in me. He gets that I'm their mother and I know them. When I say something is off, he believes me. As quirkily and crazy as he says I am [laughs], he also says, 'I will do anything for my kids, but really, I think you take the cake, E.’ He trusts my instincts and gut as a mother. He listens to what I say." E & family
"We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Dr. Iwashyna. After hearing frustrations and horror stories of other friends' pediatricians, we were so thankful to find him. He finds the perfect balance between what the research says and what his real-life experience as a father has taught him. He always brings us the current evidence-based research, and then follows it up with "but you know your daughter." He is also so incredibly caring with her. He plays with her and speaks sweetly to her, as if she was his own. We could not be happier with our care from him." K & family

"When we knew we were going to be moving from Charleston, I was excited but also apprehensive for many reasons. One of those reasons was I knew I'd have to find a new pediatrician. How could I even think of entrusting this precious little life that was only 18 months old to anyone else? Dr. T knew my son since he was in the womb. He was there from the very beginning. How was I going to find anyone comparable? How was I going to clue this new pediatrician in on my precious son?

Enter West End Pediatrics and my patient interview with him. Not a doctor T, but a Dr. I. Hmmmm. He probably didn't know or maybe he did that he was under a huge magnifying glass that morning. I'm sure I asked a lot of crazy questions. But I don’t remember his answers to any of the questions- except that he described his family as hippie-dippie. But what I do remember is how in love and focused he was on my son. He truly made me feel like I had the greatest kid (or doodle!) in the world, and what mom doesn't need to feel that way!

Then just a week later one of the greatest parenting fears happened to me. And I was in a new city. Had no idea where the nearest hospital was. And had no doctor...or did I? My son, R, woke from his nap coughing and could never quiet himself. I went to check on him and he was red and puffy and had all the appearances of having an allergic reaction and was not breathing well I feared. I grabbed the Benadryl and the phone and was flying down Patterson while the West End Pediatrics staff got information from me. Dr. I immediately saw my "puffy-doodle" and just his smooth calm manner immediately put R at ease as well as a-freaking-out on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown me. Then he set us up in a room to make sure R was ok and used his laptop to entertain R with Elmo videos on YouTube. After an hour everyone felt like I'd be ok so we were free to go, but Dr. I took another extra step an average pediatrician wouldn't take. He gave us his home phone number. He knew we lived nearby and told me to call if it happened again. Dr. I had no idea how much that helped me emotionally. But then again, maybe he did because that is how he "doctors". He doctors as a parent. He knows what would concern him as a parent. He showed the same concern in that matter with L for her kidney and contact sports even when the pediatric urologist basically told us it’s no big deal. And that's why on that day of the puffy doodle I knew I found our new pediatrician and why I could easily let go of Dr. T for a Dr. I." - C, R, R & L

We love West End Pediatrics. When we moved her 8 years ago, we had two small children and when we asked around, we received numerous great comments about West End Pediatrics. Since then, we have had two more children, and have continued to love and trust the doctors and staff of West End Pediatrics. I feel like they see us as people instead of numbers or names on a chart, and they treat the whole child, instead of just band-aiding symptoms. The staff is friendly and professional, and very understanding. Finally, all of my children are happy to go there, because of the friendly staff and doctors. I recommend all of the doctors at West End Pediatrics highly.

After moving to the Richmond area over 17 years ago, our family found ourselves in need of a new pediatrician. A family member recommended West End Pediatrics, and we are very happy that they did! I have always been impressed with Dr. Dawsons's thorough knowledge of pediatric illnesses, injuries and behavior (and with 4 children, we have definitely had our share of all 3!). He never makes us feel rushed, and is always very patient and thorough with me and my children all throughout our appointments.

During a period of time when my son was going through treatment for cancer and did not have a need for regular checkups, Dr. Dawson went above and beyond to keep in touch with us, and up to speed on his progress. His genuine concern for not only my son, but out entire family during this very difficult time, was greatly appreciated! While Dr. Dawson is our primary physician, we have also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Colley and Dr. Iwashyna on occasion, and they are top-notch as well. In fact, all of the staff at West End Pediatrics is very friendly and caring. I highly recommend their services!

I just wanted to send a quick email and thank you for the length of time that you took with my husband and I at Charlie's 9 month checkup. I know I had quite the list of questions and took up a fair amount of time. We truly appreciate our patience and acare as we mavigate these early months of being first time parents. Thanks for all of your patience and reassurance.