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Earaches: Don't Be Up All Night

Ear pain can often wake your children up in the middle of the night; and it really does hurt! But before you mobilize for an assault on the emergency room, try these home-based treatments that will often get everyone back to sleep. A dose of Tylenol/acetaminophen and/or Motrin/Advil/ibuprofen is a good start. You can give both medicines at the same time but you probably won't have to. 
Heat is your next best friend. A hot water bottle or heating pad will go a long way in giving comfort. Believe it or not, 3 or 4 drops of olive oil down the ear canal can also do wonders (not if your child has ear tubes!). "Sweet oil," which some of you may have heard about from your grandmother, is really just olive oil and helps a lot. Try these simple things at home first. If other symptoms arise or this isn't working, give us a call. Often we can work together to avoid that ride to the ER. Also, whatever happens, give us a call the next morning to see if we'd need to see your child.

Dr. Dawson